DVD Review – Sharknado: The 4th Awakening (2016)

Sharknado 4

Crazy fun!

Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment presents the fourth instalment of the world famous Sharknado series. Sharknado: the 4th Awakens. On DVD from September 5th 2016.

Ian Ziering returns to his role as Fin in this epic shark adventure. This time it takes them to Las Vegas. Where after 5 years of silence the sharknado once again begins to destroy the world. But this time the shepherd family have more members and there ready to swim with the shark, or rather fly with the sharks.

Lets just get this out of the way as soon as possible. This film is awful, yet it is probably the most fun I have had with a film in ages!

The acting is once again terrible the story of a tornado of flying sharks again is terrible and the CGI is again terrible BUT its pretty damn fun!

I am just going to come right out and say this I am a fan of the Sharknado series. I have never had any issues with the films because I take them for what they are low budget, low quality innocence that are after all at the end of the day nothing but fun.

I can’t really explain what it I there is something about this series that gets me so excited whenever there is a new film from the series. I just think there so much more fun and nothing else.

I like to see that the actors  know exactly what there doing, they themselves even know these films are a pile of poop but there just so much fun to watch and I can just imagine how much fun they are to make.

SHARKNADO_4 DVDI love that there so bad that they draw you in, well at least for them they do ha ha. I find myself wanting everyone to be ok and for the characters to be safe.

My favourite by far is the second as I still think that was the most action packed  one that I actually thought took itself the most seriously. Without taking it to far of course.

For a fourth in the TV movie series I think this is just a great fun action packed kind of gory film. Its funny and not in a comedic way. It tries to tug at the heart strings but fails, yet in a way it does and most importantly this s the 4th film in a series about flying bloody sharks!

I was insanely entertained throughout the entire film and would 100% watch this again and in fact I would watch any in the series time and time again.

This is a good film series to watch with friends at a party even make drinking game sout of how many times in the film someone shouts the name Finn. You will be floored.

At the end of the day it is what it is. Its silly, goofy, terrible and yes amazing! So fun and so just Sharknado.

If you don’t mind a film that is just stupid yet fun then this is for you. I would say get it but watch the first three first.

Fun Fun FUN!

[rating=4] | Ross Wilcock

Horror, Sci-fi | USA, 2016 | 15 | Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment | 5th September 2016 (UK) |Dir.Anthony C.Ferante |Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, David Hasselhoff, Gary Busey | Buy:Sharknado 4 [DVD]