DVD Review – A Dozen Summers (2016)

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A Dozen Summers DVDCheeky, funny and down right British. A Dozen summers is a delightful new British family comedy coming to DVD from August 15th.

Mazie and Daisy are two 12 year old twin sisters who are making a movie about their life, growing up, dealing with bullies and being kids in 2015.

I totally loved this film! I thought it was a remarkable and witty film, fun for the whole family. I did think that the PG rating was very much needed as the comedy was actually pretty daring for a film that is targeting a young audience.

I think the comedy really was touching the border of going into more mature themes. I really liked that. As I am 24 I was really shocked that this film made me laugh at times.

I thought it was just so fantastic that this film managed to capture the pressures of children in 2016. This was a pretty daring film, dealing with many themes that I thought for the age of the characters it was pretty mature. I actually like that though about the film.

This really made me see family films in a new light I think this si one that adults, children and teenagers can all enjoy and get something form, finally were getting a film for children that actually tells the truth and doesn’t shy away from being to after school special like.

It was great seeing a film dealing with bullying and even talking about sexuality at such a young age, although all in comedic context though, it just shows how far we have come and how mature kids are at younger ages.

It was just a wonderful film, the acting was a little off though at times and I found some of the adult actors laughable at times.

The child actors in this film were fantastic and just totally won me over. They were funny, cheeky and when they had to be they were emotional.

I want everyone to check this film out even though there are many thinsg that aren’t great about the film and some might say its poorly edited I do like the themes dealt with in the film and the story was great we finally get a film that is real and doesn’t sugar coat the real truth about how tough life can sometimes b.
Totally worth a watch.

[rating=3] | Ross Wilcock

Comedy, Drama | UK, 2015 | PG | Ballpark Films | 15th August 2016 (UK) | Dir.Kenton Hall | Kenton Hall, Colin Baker, Hero Hall, Scarlet Hall, Sarah Warren |Buy:A Dozen Summers [DVD]