Don’t Breathe Red Band UK Trailer Will Have You Suffocate With Fear

Don;t Breathe

Oh boy never judge a book by his cover and these kids have done that and now they will suffer redemption they have ‘f**ked up’.Really? Yes! In the new Red Band UK Trailer for Fede Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe Stephen Lang might be blind but he’s no saint!

Don’t Breathe we meet a group of teens who rob homes believe they have found the perfect job, when they break into a blind man’s home. They’re wrong, as the so called perfect time becomes a nightmare.

These young ones may think they are about to pull off the perfect crime how terribly wrong they are. If your not already excited but unnerved about this you will be after this new trailer that will have you on a knife’s edge. As well as many brown trouser moments!

Don’t Breathe delivers what many modern day horrors tend to miss, keep the film’s synopsis simple but basic and the most important ingredient scars maximum level!  It’s certainly filled with tension, will you suffocate with fear? Whatever you think this film is going to push your buttons all the way.

As well as the nerve jangling new trailer, we also have a number of clips that hopefully fill you with fear rather than fill your pants. First up is a clip called ‘Blind Not Saint‘ when our 3 wannabe thieves assess their next ‘victim'(Lang) a blind man. But as we’ve learned the threesome haven’t done their homework properly.

In the second clip ‘Don’t Make A Sound‘ Rocky (Levy)and Alex (Minnette) finds themselves confronting the blind man, to dodge him they must stay quiet. They face an even worse enemy…wooden floor!

In the final clip ‘Tension In The Hallway‘ Alex has a few close calls with the blind man who is making sure all escape routes are secure. The question, is he hiding something?

Don’t Breathe is set for a 9th September in UK&Ireland, starring Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto.

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