Daniel Radcliffe Attends ‘Neo-Nazi’ Rally In New Imperium Clip

Imperium Daniel Radcliffe

Has the mere thought of the one we called ‘The Boy Wizard’ Harry Potter for over decade becoming a Neo Nazi? After trying to fool The Horsemen in Now You See Me 2 ,Daniel Radcliffe‘s next film Imperium he undertakes probably one of his most transformative roles to date.A journey into the darkest heart of America not to join White supremacists but to take them out in an undercover sting.

We’ve received a new clip for the movie ahead of it’s UK cinema,a tense clip features Daniel Radcliffe in character as an undercover FBI agent, taking part in a white supremacist rally, whilst under the threat of violent protesters. Will his cover be exposed or will he be forced to do something to prove his ‘loyalty’ to the supremacists? Check out the clip…

Inspired by real events and the experiences of ex-FBI agent Michael German, Imperium follows Nate Foster (Radcliffe), an idealistic young FBI agent who is selected to go undercover amongst a group of white supremacists suspected of initiating a terrorist plot. Immersed in a deeply unsettling, hate-filled world, Nate must fight to maintain control of his own beliefs and principles whilst working to identify the threat and keeping his true identity and motives a secret.

We don’t have an official UK version of Imperium trailer yet, but recently we posted the U.S and we don’t expect there to be much difference if a UK version is released. Check out the trailer here. If the young British actor is looking to loose the ghost of Potter playing with the far right be it only undercover is certainly the right direction. We do take our hat off to him, he’s not scared to take risks, not always working but roles that show off his versatility. If you think this is powerful, his following film Swiss Army Man he plays a dead body that…farts a lot!

Imperium is been released in UK by Signature Entertainment (Lionsgate in USA) with a 23rd September release date (USA 19th August). The film also stars Toni Collette, Burn Gorman, Nestor Carbonell, Sam Trammell and Seth Numrich.

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