‘Classic Horror Review – The Ward (2011)

The Ward

The ward is a 2011 supernatural horror film, directed by horror icon John Carpenter and starring Amber Heard (All The Boys Love Mandy Lane) and Danielle Panabaker (Friday the 13th 2009, The Flash).

The Ward is set in the 1960 and follows the story of a young women, Kristen (Heard) who is taken to the mental institute as she is deemed mentally ill by a doctor. Trapped, alone and angry she begins to experience strange encounters during the night while on her own, In her great attempts to find out what is really going on the other girls in the Ward come clean about the odd occurrences and are then picked off one by one by a mysterious ghost like figure. Kristen tries to find out more about the Ward as she feels the staff are hiding something from her and the other residents, and with her friends getting picked off she has no other option than to fight her way out.

The Ward was seen as a sort of come back to the directors chair for horror master John Carpenter. In 2010 the film made is world premiere at TIFF and then went on to have a UK cinema release in January 2011. Warner bros (in the Uk) was behind the release of the film.

Many reviews have no favoured the film, as many see it as one of Carpenters worst, but seeing as he only had minimum input such as directing and some score choices, the film was not exactly a Carpenter show case.

However there were many – including myself – who really enjoyed the film and seen it as more of a decent come back for him.

Personally I am a big fna of this film, it has a 80’s vibe to it with the setting, acting and score. I think a lot of people expect another Halloween everytime they hear John Carpenter’s involve din a project, which I find unfair especially when he is really only signed on for Director duties.

Coming to directing, I relaly thought that it was a great film directing wise. That will come as no shock seeing as who is behind it. I think that any role hes given in a film, there is a fair chance it will be at least decent.

Amber Heard, who at this point was still finding her way in the film industry. Was really good in this, I liked most of the cast actually and felt they done a decent job with what they were given, however I do think that th acting felt out of place with the style of the film.

The film had a really polished look about it that made it almost like a TV movie rather than a theatrically released horror film. The acting was great as I have said but I feel that by giving the film more of a grainy look, to resemble the 80’s style would have benefited the film a lot. In saying this I did still have a blast with the film.

Of course there are issues in this film and not everyone will like it, but im a big believer in trying new films, as I think you don’t really know if you will like it unless you watch it.

Overall I think the film is a fun watch and will be great for the Halloween season.

Ross Wilcock

Horror | USA, 2011 | 15 | Warner Home Video | Dir.John Carpenter |Amber Heard, Lyndsy Fonseca, Danielle Panabaker

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