Bryan Cranston Goes Undercover For Escobar In The Infiltrator UK Trailer

The Infiltrator

Has Bryan Cranston found himself with a particular ‘set of skills’? With a film title that Steven Seagal would be proud of, in The Infiltrator Bryan Cranston goes deep undercover as the one man who took on the biggest drug cartel in history, watch UK Trailer

He may not be quite yet ready to move into Liam Neeson middle aged action hero territory but we don’t need evidence to show Bryan Cranston can’t be badass either, two words Breaking Bad!The film is based on the true story of Former DEA Agent Bob Mazur whose story the film is based on. So after years of Walter White been damaged goods and destroying families could Musella be that yang to Walter’s ying? This film could be an nice compliment to Netflix’s upcoming Narcos series see the whole game from both sides?

Amidst the lavish excess of the 1980s, Robert Musella (Cranston) became a pivotal player for drug lords cleaning their dirty cash. He traded on mob connections, to become the confidant to scores of the international underworld and the bankers who enabled them.

However, Robert Musella was, in fact, the undercover persona of Special Agent Robert Mazur: a US customs official who went further than any before him. Laying his life on the line, he infiltrated the globe’s largest cartels and discovered just how deep into society their influence extended. Welcomed into an inner-circle of violence and corruption, Mazur found himself in the tight embrace of those he had promised to take down.

Based on the true story of a fearless undercover agent, The Infiltrator is a heart-stopping account of one of history’s most elaborate stings. The operation reeled in key players in a chain stretching all the way to Escobar. Their arrests would lead to the collapse of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International and shake the black economy to its core.

The Infiltrator will be released in UK&Ireland on 16th September and will also star John Leziugamo, Diane Kruger, Benjamin Bratt, Amy Ryan and Said Taghmaoui with Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer) directing.

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