V.O.D Review – Bachelor Games (2016)

V.O.D Review – Bachelor Games (2016)

Bachelor Games 2

A group of friends go hiking in the mountains for a friends Stag weekend, after a prank goes wrong leaving one of them fighting for their lives they quickly realise that they are not alone out there like they originally thought, being hunted down with one of them wounded this is a cat and mouse game that they just might lose.

I have never heard of this film and was pretty intrigued by the story. This I think is a good thing because it means other reviews and such can not affect my true judgement of the film.

Being a fan of indie films and more so British indie thrillers I was really on for what this film had to offer. And for the most part I thought it was a pretty solid thriller.

However the film was a little bit up and down at time with the opening being pretty intense with not many questions answered, really building up the tension for the film. The scene which followed felt like a completely different film. It was more like a witty dude comedy in the spirit of The Hangover. The film then begins to get more serious which felt a little unexpected and was a little out of place, considering how funny it had set itself up to be.

In saying that though once we get into the bulk of the action the film is awesome! I really liked the background of the friends in the film, there are a few secrets revealed throughout the film which make it much more than what it was sold to be in the trailers.

I think this is one of those films that will be a cult classic, I really picked up on And Soon The darkness (2010) and A Lonely Place To Die (????) vibes from this film. As a fan of those films this is a good thing. This was really emphasised by the setting. Like the film A Lonely Place To Die the film is set in a very secluded area which also means that anyone or anything could be out there. I thought the film really done a good job of creating a feeling of isolation by using long angle wide shots to show the vast area the characters were in. The scenery was also captured very well, for a indie film this was totally made like a bigger budget film. I really enjoyed the tension created form the settings.

I really thought this film was a fun watch and had its moments of intense scenes and really good scares. Although I would not call this a horror more a Slow Burn thriller.

Even though I did really like it I can’t help but be a little confused with the ending, not to get to much away but once you have watched the film you might feel the same way.

In the end This is a really well done, unique, chilling British Thriller that has a lot going for it. I think I can forgive the films negatives because of how much I enjoyed it.

I think this is one that most people will like, though it wont be for everyone.

Be sure to look out for this film.

★★★ 1/2 | Ross Wilcock

Comedy, Thriller, Horror | UK, 2016 | 15 | Strike Films | 8th July 2016 (UK Video On Demand) |Dir.Edward McGown | Charlie Bewley, Jack Doolan, Jack Gordon, Mike Noble, Obi Abili, Daniel Elias | Watch : iTunes

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