Top Must Watch Movies About The Financial Markets

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The Big Short

The world is still recovering from the last financial crisis. The recent Brexit vote is threatening to slip us back into financial chaos, but for now we can have some optimism that the markets will recover and the world economy will grow. It is no surprise therefore that Hollywood’s creative have gone deep into trying to bring movies that try to explain what happened to people or try to show depictions of the lives of huge players in financial bubble bursts of the past. Here, we will take a look at top money related movies you should watch.

The Big Short

The Big Short was a huge hit because it was able to expose the collapse of the housing market and the financial crisis that followed in a way that just about anyone could understand; without being overly simplistic. Additionally, the film is very entertaining, funny and contains a fair amount of interesting lessons.

The Wolf of Wall Street
The Wolf Of Wall Street

Quaaludes, nudity, cursing cocaine, dwarf tossing, public masturbation: this movie has it all. As an online gaming and PayPal bingo sites lover that occasionally relaxes on sites like, there was a slight tinge of disappointment that they didn’t feature casinos and gaming a whole lot more.

Many believe that glorification of debauchery was a negative but the movie, like most that have Leo DiCaprio, was a massive hit. He played the role to perfection, demonstrating yet again just what a great actor he is. Away from all the madness, one lesson it taught everyone is to think twice about the individual handling your investments.

Glengarry Glen Ross

People that have had a career in sales will fully understand the motivational speech given to the real estate salesmen by Alec Baldwin’s character. This movie features an A-list cast that has Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey and more. You don’t have to be a salesman to appreciate this movie, as it also has many lessons on human nature, ethics and the length people will go when the times are hard.

Lost In America

All employees have dreams of ditching the rat race and all the pressures that come with it. Albert Brooks, co-wrote this story of a high-paid advertising executive and his wife as they attempt to go from their normal Los Angeles employee life to wandering across America. As you would expect, it didn’t go particularly well for them.

Margin Call

This movie was described by some as easily the best Wall Street movie ever made. It takes place just before the 2008 financial crisis and tells the story of an investment firm, which could be Lehman Brothers for all we know. It features top class casting with Jeremy Irons, Paul Bettany, Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore etc. and shows how worthless investments were sold to unsuspecting individuals in a shockingly careless manner. The movie highlights the blind trust shown to financial experts in the period; hopefully we have learnt a bit from then.

These are top money movies you should absolutely see right away. They will paint a clearer picture of why we are where we are today in terms of the global economy. They’ll thrill, make you think and inspire.