Teenagers With An Attitude New Power Rangers Character Posters

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We’ve seen them in their suits, saw them in a sunset poster and now today we meet those Teenagers with an attitude The Power Rangers in new set of Character Posters. FIVE colourful character posters have been released to introduce the Power Rangers to the world. All based on their particular suit colour all with a Ziggy Stardust thunderbolt check them out!

Power Rangers Billy Power Rangers Kimberly Power Rangers Trini Power Rangers Jason Power Rangers Zack

Slowly the marketing train for the rebooted Power Rangers new movie is slowly departing as they attempt to reveal that the 2017 version is no longer Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. No more spandex everything is modern high tech, whilst they  may take their names  keeping some of the original things.It is a new version but fans of the long running Saban franchise will be pleased they will keep some  origins but bringing it into 21st Century.

As for the actual story that hasn’t been exactly confirmed yet but what have learned the new film will keep closely to the TV Show. With alien witch Rita Repulsa threaten to unleash her army of monsters and The Rangers summoned by Zordon. Next week it’s expected the first footage will be unveiled at San Diego ComicCon where it’s expected we’ll learn about the tone and direction.

The cast of Power Rangers includes Bryan Cranston as the mighty Zordon and Elizabeth Banks as super-powered villain Rita Repulsa. The rangers themselves are made up from singer Becky G as Yellow Ranger Trini, Ludi Lin as Black Ranger Zack, Dacre Montgomery as Red Ranger Jason, Naomi Scott as Pink Ranger Kimberly, and RJ Cyler as Blue Ranger Billy.

Project Almanac‘s Dean Israelite is directing The Power Rangers Movie with March 2017 the targeted release date.