New Mike And Dave Needs Wedding Dates Clips… Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

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Mike Dave Need Wedding Dates AKAP
Is she ok, does she need a nudge nudge wink wink? In 2 weeks Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates will be in our cinemas in UK&Ireland hoping to deliver plenty of those belly laughs. From all the footage  we’ve seen so far we know it will have it’s fair share of those naughty jokes that your Mum would wash your mouth with soap with if she heard you repeat them.

Today we have two of those NSFW* Red Band Clips, first up is ‘Massage Scene‘ which sees Alice (Anna Kendrick) trying to get the masseur help her best friend Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza) ‘let loose’ a little, you know Nudge nudge wink wink. It seems the blissful package will deliver that ‘looseness’  and in the second clipSchool Teachers And Hedge Funds‘ The Girls once again are with the boys (Zac Efron, Adam Devine). It seems its the ‘dating interview’ and the girls are explaining their jobs with Alice is a hedge funder and she hedges it hard, check them out….

Mike and Dave looks like it might just be a riot with not just just the boys looking a bit brainless but the girls too, who look like will raise the raunchy level up a few notches. This may not win awards for originality but with the idea that this is loosely based around a story that’s true, your mind might wonder with intrigue. Or your mum buying you that bar of soap to wash the dirty jokes out your mouth!

Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates we meet Hard-partying brothers Mike ( Adam Devine) and Dave (Zac Efron) place an online ad to find the perfect dates (Kendrick,Plaza) for their sister’s Hawaiian wedding. Hoping for a wild getaway, the boys instead find themselves outsmarted and out-partied by the uncontrollable duo.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is out in UK&Ireland on 10th August. Co-Starring Stephen Root,Sugar Lyn Beard and Sam Richardson.

(*NSFW – Not Suitable For Walk)