It’s All About Steven Spielberg In 24th Raindance Film Festival

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24th Raindance Film Festival

Later this month Steven Spielberg will hope to entice us to see The BFG however this September it’s all about him in the official trailer for Raindance Film Festival. Celebrating his 70th Birthday this year this trailer is nice fitting tribute to the film maker, a trailer directed by by award-winning Brazilian filmmaker, Filippo Capuzzi Lapietra, check it out…

Steven Spielberg, a man who for decades, has undoubtedly influenced and inspired film lovers and filmmakers across the globe.If your like myself a kid of the 1980’s this trailer plays on our inner child and it does remind us a little of even Super 8 which Spielberg was involved in with JJ Abrams. The film is inspired by Lapietra’s childhood from a young boy bedazzled by films, given a cine 8 camera , a journey from when we first discovered the film that ignited our passion for the art form.

Filippo Capuzzi Lapietra’s script for the trailer is based on Steven Spielberg’s 2010 speech given at the Academy for Achievement, sharing what inspired him to become a filmmaker.

The trailer shows inspiration from Spielberg’s Jurassic Park and even a scene from his own short film Escape From Nowhere. So if you question any presents you give your child, just think twice, that present might just be the catalyst to their future!

Raindance Film Festival is a leader in Europe and champion of independent films showcasing feature, documentary and short films, music videos and a web series. This Raindance Film Festival will announce it’s 24th line up on 25th August.

Raindance Film Festival runs 21 September to 2 October in London’s West End. For more info visit