First Look At Pennywise In Movie Adaptation Of Stephen King’s It

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Fear will find you and 2017 Pennywise is coming back when Stephen King‘s iT is released. We’ve known for a while now a remake is coming but like many film’s it had it’s teething problems. Now Mama‘s Andrés Muschietti is behind the camera, the movie is going to be 2 parts, now in production and today we get our first look at Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise. Here he is….
Pennywise - 2017 iT
The new image was revealed by EW as the film continues it’s production and those old enough to remember the original TV movie, those fears of clowns will soon once again haunt us. Skarsgård looks like  he’s having a ball playing the banality of evil “It’s such an extreme character. Inhumane. It’s beyond even a sociopath, because he’s not even human. He’s not even a clown. I’m playing just one of the beings It creates.”  Skarsgård told EW.

We can’t deny Tim Curry set the standard for  the character his performance made the tv version even more terrifying. Skarsgård’s version will be more closer  to the kids Pennywise stalks , “Tim Curry’s performance was truly great, but it’s important for me to do something different because of that,I’ll never be able to make a Tim Curry performance as good as Tim Curry.” You can see he’s not trying to replicate Curry’s role but one more with the creature that uses Pennywise as a vessel. More the manifestation of the kids nightmare, childlike but living the tropes of the horror character..

There’s a childishness to the character, because he’s so closely linked to the kids. The clown is the manifestation of children’s imaginations, so there’s something child-like about that.”

iT is set for an Autumn/late Summer (September) 2017 release. Starring Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff,Chosen Jacobs, and Jeremy Ray Taylor