Everything Is Awesome For The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer

Lego Batman Movie Kick

When The LEGO Movie came out a couple of years ago it took everyone by surprise at how funny and universally appealing it was to all ages.Next February Everything will be awesome once again when The LEGO Batman Movie will grace our cinematic hearts and today we get a glimpse at the new UK Trailer, check it out…

Last weekend All eyes where on Comic-con in San Diego with all eyes on the upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League films. DC/Warner Bros. revealed 2017 there will be more than one Batman, Ben Affleck and one made of those famous little Danish brick toys!

With comic book themed films nowadays trying to be more realistic, dark and grittier it’s refreshing to see there’s still a ligther parody side to the sub-genre that’s been dominating our box office probably for nearly last 10 years. If you loved the last LEGO incarnation once you feast your eyes on this beauty, you can sense there will be happy times ahead once again.

There was 2 previous teaser trailers that teased us in what is coming blowing up the ‘Twitterverse’ as The LEGO Dark Knight (Will Arnett). The latest trailer (above) reveals a little more of the films plot and a big focus on Robin (Michael Cera) whom Bruce Wayne apparently ‘adopted’ now calling his son. The latest promo continues where the previous 2 teasers left off,and it also introduces us to Master Wayne’s ever faithful Butler/guardian Albert Pennyworth (Ralph Fiennes).

Bricks or no bricks it can’t be an Batman movie without the iconic Bat villain and who better to face the caped crusader none other than his arch nemesis The Joker! Zach Galifianakis whose upped his game in the evil stakes, but like Will Ferrell in The LEGO Movie has the comedic and dramatic chops to pull this one off. Some say it might be a little early to start pushing a movie 7 months away but with Comic Con and a certain upcoming release of a movie set around a group of Batman’s enemies (Suicide Squad), it’s perfect timing.

The LEGO Batman Movie is set for 10th February 2017 release date in UK&Ireland.