DVD Review – Blood Orange (2016)

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Blood Orange Iggy Pop
I was perversely intrigued by this movie. For starters, Iggy Pop was a bit of a draw and on top of that I’d heard whisperings of a neo-noir soaked piece set in the desert. Unfortunately what that amounted to was some pretty poor acting chops from Pop and a clunky script that feels like the conceptual idea was solid but the execution was misguided.

The film is what you would call a 4-hander, there are only 4 characters in the whole movie and unfortunately they weren’t sufficient to hold my attention throughout the film. Don’t get me wrong, I like smaller, one-set type films but most of the ones I’ve seen have had better scripts and so intrigued me more.

It just felt a bit stilted, there wasn’t much of a plot and I was only really interested in 2 of the characters. The performances were serviceable (not exactly Oscar worthy, but decent) but again, it’s not enough. I did find myself clock watching quite a lot of the time and in any film, especially in a film as short as this (85 minutes), that’s not a good thing.

It was quite bland, it looked fantastic (filmed at a gorgeous villa in Ibiza) but that’s all it really had going for it. There isn’t much more to say really about it, it never outstayed its welcome, Kacey Barnfield is absolutely stunning and spends the majority of the film in revealing clothes or no clothes at all (worlds apart from her Grange Hill days that’s for damn sure) and the finale was very tense.

I didn’t hate it but it’s certainly just a 1 watch for me.

Peter Fletcher

Thriller | USA, 2016 | 15 | Metrodome Distribution | 11th July 2016 (UK) | Dir.Toby Tobias | Iggy Pop, Ben Lamb, Kacey Clarke, Antonio Magro | Buy:Blood Orange [DVD]