Creepy New Don’t Breathe Poster ‘Blind’ To Intruders

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Creepy old haunted house a lonely blind ex-army vet should be  the biggest warning rather than red herring as what you thought was an ‘easy target’  could cost you …your life. Don’t Breathe is the latest chiller from Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez as you’ll see from the new poster evil is lurking in the background the eyes that waits for the intruders!

Don't Breahe UK Poster

Don’t Breathe we meet a group of teens who rob homes believe they have found the perfect job, when they break into a blind man’s home. They’re wrong, as the so called perfect time becomes a nightmare.

From the trailer below you will question yourself on really who is the enemy here, the intruders? or Blind Man? The eyes are of Stephen Lang who once again is looking the menacing  home owner defending his keep. You’ll be left wondering who you should cheer for and the intruders look like they will feel the pain! This film is so far living up to it’s reputation and one of the most anticipated films on horror fan’s calendars for 2016!

Check out the UK trailer

Don’t Breathe is set for a 9th September in UK&Ireland, starring Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto.