Come Out And Play As The Russo Brothers To Make The Warriors TV Show

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The Armies Of The Night look like they will be coming back as The Russo Brothers Anthony and James Russo are set to adapt Walter Hill’s cult classic The Warriors for Television.

In an era where we’re bombarded with endless alot of the times pointless remakes and reboots a old film or much loved film heading to TV/Streaming seems to bring a better response. Putting aside a few mediocre shows Deadline are reporting The Warriors TV Show will be made for Paramount who will air the series on Hulu channel with each episode lasting 1 hour. The main source for the show will be the 1979 film as well as 1965 novel by Sol Yurick the film was based on, The Captain America: Civil War directors have promise they will be loyal to the film as possible.

Their take will honor the original film while adding its own unique brand of grit, pulp, sex and violence.”

The Warriors take us back to New York 1979 when many parts of the city are virtually slums, neighbourhoods torn apart thanks to gang culture and war. When a Charismatic gang leader summons all the city’s gangs to a meeting he is killed and the gang ‘The Warriors’ are falsely accused of assassinating that leader. This forces the gang to fight there way home whilst the other gangs hunt them down to kill them as revenge.

The film wasn’t an instant critical success but over time it has grown in popularity winning new fans (including us) making it a bonafide cult classic.When the Warriors came face to face with other gangs you have to say their the film has a comic book tone to it: Pulpy, outrageous costumes, colourful comic-esque story, so it’s no surprise James and Anthony Russo are interested in this project. You may wonder how The Russos will find time to make this series as there very busy creating Avengers: Infinity War films and a certain Captain America: Civil War part 2 film too.

There is no word on the actual format of the The Warriors TV Show. The Russo’s will have help from Frank Baldwin as they try to expand the universe but this is the Russo brother who started on television with Arrested Development. No word if or who may distribute this in UK&Ireland when season 1 is ready to air.