Bluray Review – Disorder (2015)

Disorder Soda Pictures
Returning home from his time in the army, Vincent gets a job as part of a security detail to a wealthy family in France. When the woman of the house is targeted for kidnapping, the pair must draw upon Vincent’s military training to find out what is happening.

Whilst not a perfect film, far from it, this film succeeds in building tension and the audience are never fully sure if Matthias Schoenaerts‘ Vincent is on to something suspicious or if paranoia is setting in due to his PTSD. The moments when Vincent is blacking out and losing focus due to his intense migraines are disorientating and often frustrating for an audience member but they help to realise what he is battling against and how he is affected by PTSD.

Winocour knows how to get the best from her collaborators – the score is superb, from gesaffelstein (think Disaster piece mixed by Daft Punk) and the final shot needed that precise shade of lighting or it wouldn’t work at all – but her larger project seems to be to save arthouse cinema from itself by making serious-minded films that also deliver on genre excitements.

Fantastic 1080p transfer. The colours pop, detail is fantastic and it has a very solid grain structure, especially during night scenes.

Special features include and Q&A, filmed in March of this year at Picturehouse Central, with Winocour and Schoenaerts, which covers such topics as women in cinema and his preparations the film. The disc also includes 3 of Winocour’s short films;

Kitchen (2005)-A woman prepares a lobster dinner for her husband that gets a bit out of claw.
Magic Paris (2006)-A woman has a whirlwind romance with a man, and a dog, she meets on holiday.
Pina Colada (2008)-A woman who has a fight with her husband places a bet on a horse race. The U.K. trailer rounds off the disc.

Highly recommended.

Peter Fletcher

Thriller, Drama | France, 2015 | 15 | Soda Pictures | 25th July 2016 (UK) |Dir.Alice Winocour | Matthias Schoenaerts, Diane Kruger, Paul Hamy, Zaïd Errougui-Demonsant | Buy:[Blu-ray]