Alternative Motherhood Films

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Maggie's Plan

Maggie’s Plan coming out this Friday 7th July in UK&Irish Cinemas. Maggie’s Plan is about Maggie who plans to have a baby on her own but is derailed when she falls in love with John, a married man. One daughter and three years later, Maggie has fallen out of love with him and hatches a plan to get John back together with his ex-wife.To celebrate the film’s upcoming release we have a feature called Alternative Motherhood Films, looking at other films which have the same theme of other forms of motherhood including sperm donors and adoption.

Maggie’s Plan

Maggie decides to become a single mother on her own terms with the help of a donation from a former college acquaintance. The independent New Yorker finally feels like she has control of her life, until she meets John. John’s marriage isn’t going well and soon ends up with Maggie. But two years down the line Maggie finds herself falling out of love with her new husband and comes up with a plan to get him back together with his ex-wife.

The Backup Plan

Zoe has given up on finding her dream man and waiting around to get married and start a family. She makes the decision to have a baby through a sperm donor. The day of the ‘turkey baste’, as fate would have it; she meets the perfect the guy for her. How will he take the news that she is pregnant? Better yet, pregnant with a baby that’s not his. Could this have been fate, or just bad timing?


Sixteen-year-old Juno falls pregnant with her high school, somewhat, boyfriend Paulie Bleeker. Faced with the unplanned pregnancy Juno sets to find a suitable couple to adopt her unborn child. Juno finds Mark and Vanessa Loring, a picture perfect couple who live in the suburbs and have been longing to have a family. After finding what she thinks is the perfect couple, she starts bonding with them while still pregnant. Juno’s plans go array when the couple decides to separate leaving Juno unsure if she wants to give her baby up for adoption to a shattered family.

The Blind Side

Based on a true story of the Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy family, the family takes in a homeless teenager named Michael. Leigh Anna treats Michael, also known as Big Mike, as one of her own and makes sure to give him every opportunity to succeed. They provide him with a loving home, an education and, when he expressed interest in football,l they made sure to do everything they could to help him thrive in the sport. Little did they know just how successful Michael would become.

Maggie’s Plan is out in UK Cinemas on 7th July.