Watch The Films Of Alejandro González Iñárritu [Video Essay]

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Unless you where a cinephile the work of Mexican born filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu probably been unknown to many until Birdman gained the filmmaker Oscar Glory. It might hard to believe he has been making films for 2 decades recently he has been pushing the boundaries to improve our cinematic experience. Back to back Oscar winning films proves he’s doing something right and it’s a feat only been done twice in film history.

In this latest video essay Vugar Efendi Films celebrates Iñárritu’s work, a juxtaposition study that showcases the director’s haunting visual beauty which poetic, brutal. Iñárritu has proved himself as one of the most unique filmmakers around. With a unique look and feel, he made an impact on cinema goers and on cinema in general. You feel the emotions of the characters, you feel the pain and suffering. You feel their happiness and confusion. He uses the visual medium to tell a story, to give an audience an unforgettable experience.

From the grim emotional state of the characters if his debut feature Amores Perros(Love Is A Bitch) you get a sense of suffering as we follow their story. Biutiful a struggling father of two with an manic depressive wife who ends up having terminal cancer. The terminal ill character continues in 21 Grams and the theme of death runs through many of Iñárritu films. 21 Grams, Babel, right up to the most recent The Revenant. The Oscar winning Leonardo DiCaprio who loses his Son, even his own life to a bear, Iñárritu’s worlds no one escapes the tribulations of life. A stark, gritty, honest vision, ugly beautiful side of humanity. Rodrigo Prieto was his first cinematographer with a palette that was inspired by his Latino-American roots. As we know his vision matured evolved into a colder, grimier exhilarating vision all thanks to his new partnership with Emmanuel Lubezki.

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