June 8, 2023

Watch The Art Of Slow Motion Cinema Video Essay



When it comes to film, every shot, ever scene, dialogue, choice of music, movement everyone of them has a story to tell and they’ll probably be an essay on them too. Today The Art of Slow Motion Cinema, a style that can redefine a film or be a trademark move that cinephiles can identify with certain filmmakers. The slow style lets  filmmakers manipulate time foward, backwards even important scenes Christopher Nolan’s Inception  perfect example. Its an protagonist dream with the camera shooting rapidly with the playback at a slower pace to deliver that ultimate illusion of slow motion.

In a new video essay from Julian Palmer  who explores the art of slow motion in film and I’m sure we all have our favourites. This style of filmmaking you may associate with a few directors but everyone from Sam Peckinpah to John Woo, Martin Scorsese (Casino) to Zack Snyder with 300. The essay portrays the emotions, the inner feelings  of the characters the slow motion even makes the violence in these films very operatic. The slow moving scene helps to prolong the violence like Stanley Kubrick‘s Full Metal Jacket as the squadron deceived a enemy sniper or poor Norville Barnes plunge to his death in The Coen Brothers Hudsucker Proxy.

But slow scenes can be sensual ones too. Brian DePalma‘s blood prom scene in the cult horror Carrie as the tormented young Carrie is drenched in blood or Willem Dafoe’s iconic death scene in Platoon.

Watch The Art of Slow Motion Cinema, video essay and why not share your favourite slow motion scenes in the comments box…

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