Rome Will Fall In Suburra UK Trailer

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Suburra - Pierfrancesco Favino

Later this month Rome will fall as the dark side of The Eternal City of Rome unravels in powerful Italian crime drama Suburra. Ahead of it’s UK cinematic release later this month we get a look at the film’s UK trailer as the criminals of Italy’s capital attempt to turn the district that’s regarded as the underbelly of the crime underworld into the Las Vegas of Italy. Viva Roma!

Hidden in the shadows of the Colosseum, the Suburra district was the criminal underbelly of Ancient Rome, home to the city’s darkest secrets. In modern times, crime and corruption has spread deep inside the city where everything – even the priesthood – can be bought for a price.

From acclaimed director Stefano Sollima (‘Gomorrah’, ‘Romanzo Criminale’ and upcoming ‘Sicario’ sequel ‘Soldado’) and based on the novel co-written by Carlo Bonini & Giancarlo De Cataldo, SUBURRA takes place over seven days leading up to the ‘Apocalypse’ as a former crime boss, known as ‘Samurai’, is instructed by corrupt Mafia families to turn the waterfront of Rome into a new Las Vegas.

Elsewhere, after a night of excess leads to a young girl’s death, politician Filippo Malgradi (Pierfrancesco Favino – Rush, World War Z) becomes pivotal in a chain of events which sees him drawn into a web woven by Samurai.

As the countdown to the Apocalypse draws to a close, secrets are quickly unravelled as increasingly powerful gangsters become caught in the crossfire. As the city begins to crumble, all those involved must choose to sink or swim by betraying those closest to them.

This was one my list of films to see at this year’s Glasgow Film Festival however like many things at film festivals, film screenings will clash.Because of this I had to miss this or miss 3 films but now it’s only weeks away we can finally see the film. This is set to become a Netflix series in 2017 and director Stefano Sollima who is set to direct Sicario sequel Soldado his English Language debut. When your break out is Gomorrah you’ll understand why he’s been chosen. This looks slick , violent perfect for Soldado.

Suburra is set for 24th June UK cinema/VOD release with a special preview in London on 14th June.

Suburra UK Poster