New Amazing Game Of Thrones Contest

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Games Of Thrones

It seems like the whole world had been waiting for new season of Game of Thrones: the Internet these days is overfilled with memes and discussions of new episodes. Not mentioning that it has become dangerous to visit GoT-related websites if you haven’t seen new episodes yet: spoilers can be everywhere.

New season of this TV show not only provokes passionate discussion, but also inspires people a lot. Even if you haven’t seen any of sixth season’s episodes yet, you’ve probably heard one of the many famous Hodor jokes or seen graphic memes. The Interned is filled with GoT-related fanstuff too: you can find almost everything, from T-shirts to keychains related to your favorite character.

Moreover, one can even earn money for being a fan and demonstrating his talents: for example, by participating in one of many contests inspired by Game of Thrones. You can find one of these contests here at DesignContest: It is active for a while now and people still continue uploading more and more amazing works. So if you are a designer, maybe it’s time for you to take part in this contest – after all, there are three prizes and all of them look great!

And if you aren’t a designer, you should still check this contest out. We bet every GoT fan would enjoy these funny, original and beautiful T-shirt designs inspired by favourite TV show.

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