Monsters For Monsters: A Film Festival for the Weird and Horrid


Multi-award winning comedy troupe Kill the Beast (“a scorchingly talented young company” Time Out) present a week-long film festival Monsters For Monsters at the New Diorama theatre, celebrating classic sci-fi and comedy cinema.

Known for their cinematic comedy shows (The Boy Who Kicked Pigs, He Had Hairy Hands), this festival will pay homage to the films that have inspired their new sci-fi comedy/horror Don’t Wake The Damp.

The films include The Thing, Alien, Tron and The Fly, as well as a ‘Mystery Film’ to be screened on the final night of the festival.

Natasha from Kill the Beast said “We so loved re-visiting these classic films when researching the new show, we wanted to share the experience with fellow sci fi, horror and comedy nerds. Ivan Ooze! Remember Ivan Ooze?!

Each night will consist of a film quiz and live sneak peek of their new show (the only chance for Londoners to take a look before the show hits Edinburgh), and then a screening. The company hopes you will join them in the bar for a fervent discussion afterwards.


7:15pm every night: Film quiz
7:45pm every night: Exclusive live action trailer for Don’t Wake The Damp

Sat 18: 8PM The Thing (1982)
Sun 19: 8PM Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)
Mon 20: 8PM The Fly (1986)
Tues 21: 8PM Alien (1979)
Weds 22: 8PM Tron (1982)
Thurs 23: 8PM MYSTERY FILM (?)

All tickets £10 – To book tickets:
or call the Box office: 02079 165 467