Explore The Depths Of The Witch In New Video Essay

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The Witch
When it comes to horror especially independent Horror movies has been on the rise. Through reinvigorating the so called traditional horror tropes. Exchanging the shaky cams, gore filled films for something more psychological, atmospheric or how we vision monsters. One film throw everything out the window to create a throw back film, The Witch.

Robert Eggers 2015 Sundance FIlm Festival hit was adored by horror fans, critics including ourselves (and our sister site Cinehouse). The depth and range the film delivered for a debut feature was extraordinary. Not just one but 3 great reviews for the film from Sundance 2015  to Easter 2016 UK cinema release (probably another  next month for Home release). Playing with the mind makes can be more terrifying than scares you in your face, hidden dangers scare us more. In a video essay from Renegade Cut who explores the depths of The Witch. Going into those little details that make the film work, the aspect that show this film’s study of religion.

Not everyone is a fan, but do check this 10 minute video out, maybe you will appreciate the film a little better than before. Please beware if you haven’t seen this film there is possible spoilers! You’ve been warned!

The Witch is out on Blu-ray and DVD from 11th July.

source [Renegade Cut]