DVD Review – Stealing Cars (2015)

Stealing Cars DVDStealing cars is a remarkable coming of age drama about a young man named Billy (Emory Cohen, Brooklyn), who after a lot of trouble with the law is placed into a prison for teenage boys. Here he befriends many of the criminal inmates but realises that making friends is not going to get him out. However facing his demons might just give him freedom.

Stealing Cars is a new direct to DVD film from LionsGate UK. It has to be one of those rare films that come sout of nowhere, but yet has so much going for it.

It is again, Like previous LionsGate film Visions, a film I was shocked did not get a cinema release. I felt this was such a great film and was just overall fantastic. I couldn’t see why Cinema goers wouldn’t love this!

The score of the film was brilliant and really was part of the fantasticness of the film. I thought the acting was also great especially Emory Cohen, who I might add I think is Oscar worthy in this film.

I love that Lionsgate are releasing so many direct to DVD films like this because otherwise they might have not gotten a release.

There is really no negatives I can say about this film. I loved it and would recommend it!.

I liked that even though the film leaves you feeling a sense of happiness the film ultimately is the story of doing wrong you get punished but realising your wrong doing frees you. I think it was a wonderful and powerful film that for anyone weather a major film fan of not will really enjoy!.

Many film reviewers rate their films by Quality, acting, atmosphere and story. I however like to add something else when reviewing a film. That is, is the film re watchable? My answer is 100 Million percent! This is a film I can see myself watching time and time again.

[rating=5] | Ross Wilcock

Drama | USA, 2015 | 15 | Lionsgate Home Entertainment | 20th June 2016 (UK) | Dir.Bradley Kaplan | Emory Cohen, William H. Macy, Felicity Huffman, John Leguizamo,Mike Epps | Buy:[DVD]