The Best Loved Canine Characters

Oddball and the penguins

Whether they’re causing havoc like Beethoven, or on a quest to get home like Bolt, dogs in films have always been a firm family favourite. The newest canine to grace our screens is Oddball. Oddball and The Penguins is based on the incredible true story of how a mischievous but loveable Maremma sheepdog became the unlikely guardian and saviour of an endangered colony of Little Penguins in a small coastal town in Australia. Oddball and The Penguins is out now on DVD, On Demand and Digital HD and to celebrate the release, we’re taking a look at the best-loved canine characters!

Lady and the Tramp

A classic loved by all ages, it’s hard to believe that this film was released more than sixty years ago! The tale follows Tramp, a streetwise mutt and Lady, a privileged Cocker Spaniel. Despite their differing backgrounds, the pair’s romance blossoms.


The first in the eight-film franchise, Beethoven was a family favourite that made Saint Bernards a hugely popular breed. Beethoven was loved greatly by his family, despite causing a number of mishaps! But his life is put in danger when an evil vet tries to kidnap him for a dangerous experiment.

Oliver and Company

Based on Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Oliver and Company follows Oliver the orphaned kitten as he’s taken in by a group of street dogs. The film had a great soundtrack, including songs by Billy Joel who voiced cheeky Dodger, and Bette Midler who voiced spoiled Georgette.


Disney’s Bolt is the star of his own TV show as a superstar dog that fights danger. But the confident canine doesn’t realise it’s just a show; he thinks his powers are real! When he’s accidently shipped to the streets of New York, Bolt must learn to survive in the real world on his quest to get back home.

Cats and Dogs

The 2001 film showed the truth about the war between two teams: The Cats and The Dogs. The Dogs had to stop The Cats from destroying a vaccine that would prevent all human allergies to dogs. It divided audiences, but everyone could agree that the two teams were adorable.

Oddball and the Penguins

Based on the incredible true story of how a troublemaking Maremma sheepdog became guardian to an endangered colony of Australia’s adorable Little Penguins.

The Little Penguins that live on Middle Island, Australia are in danger from foxes that come to the island at night and Swampy the local chicken farmer has a genius idea, to train his troublemaking dog, Oddball to guard them! Will Swampy’s idea work and protect his penguin sanctuary from predators, reunite his family and save their seaside town? Fun fact: Oddball might look like a golden retriever, but he’s actually a Maremma Sheepdog!

Oddball and The Penguins is out now on DVD,On Demand and Digital HD
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