Anton Yelchin, Star Trek Star Dies Age 27

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Anton Yelchin

When we talk about  the sad news of peoples passing on  we usually refer to the older generation but not usually someone of the age of 27. Sad to say this but star of Star Trek  rebooted film franchise Anton Yelchin has died at the age of 27.

According to the actors publicist Jennifer Allen he was killed due to a ‘freak accident’  when Anton exited his car to collect his mail from the mailbox.Tragically the car rolled back trapping the young actor causing the fatal accident.When the actor failed to appear for an rehearsal on Saturday night it was then friends found young actor.

Anton Yelchin was at the pinnacle of his career with various roles in film and television starting away back in 2001 as a young kid in E.R before transitioning to film in Alpha Dog in 2006. His mainstream breakthrough was the young Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation which he stated “What I watch and what I work on are different.”

Yelchin had said his own tast in film was Michael Haneke, Lars von Trier and Pedro Almodovar,Martin Scorsese and Jim Jarmusch. The latter appearing in 2013 vampire film Only Lovers Left Alive, earlier this year he appeared in the brilliant Punk horror Green Room. Both films winning him acclaim but to many other cinephiles its a role in a reboot if an iconic sci-fi tv show come film franchise he maybe known for.

In 2009 Star Trek was successfully rebooted by JJ Abrams with Yelchin playing the role of Pavel Chekov the mathematics genius another role that earned the actor acclaim. 2013 his humour and innocence won him many fans with many of us looking forward to Star Trek Beyond which is set for 22nd July release date.

Anton Yelchin was born in 1989 Russia an only child of parents who where professional figure skaters who moved to USA when Anton was still a baby. The sad news has hit not just cinephiles but also friends even fellow actors who may have not met the actor personally been touched by the warm heart Anton Yelchin had.

Rest In Peace Anton Yelchin.