Anticipating the next Bourne movie

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jason bourne

2016 looks to enjoy the return of many of our favourite movie characters with 21st century updates of iconic works like The Jungle Book and Ghostbusters due to land soon.

But just in case the recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fiasco made you somewhat fearful of the next cinematic revival, the good news is that the next Bourne movie is due for release on 29 July and it’s looking like it’s going to be a return to form for the CIA operative.

Already there’s been a steady wave of hype building before the film’s release with some intriguing trailers hinting how Jason Bourne will bring back stars like Matt Damon and Julia Stiles to the franchise, and it will also feature the trademark blend of spy suspense and high-powered action with Bourne causing a SWAT car to crash through a particularly luxurious casino in Las Vegas.

Much has been made of how the Bourne franchise offers a tougher counterpart to the James Bond spy series. And much like we saw Bond visiting the casinos of Montenegro in Casino Royale, it’s only fitting that Bourne would seek to add some glamour to the series in a similar manner.

The online gaming site Lucky Nugget Casino have already pointed out how casinos could soon be entering the virtual domain, and with online games of poker and roulette gaining an increased profile amongst 21st century gamers, the inclusion of Las Vegas as one of the central locations of the Jason Bourne movie looks to make Vegas an apt choice for the backdrop to the action.

Jason Bourne Matt Damon

What’s slightly more confusing is how the Jason Bourne film will follow on from the previous movies in the series. 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum seemingly resolved most of the issues with Bourne remembering the full story behind how he ended up in such a perilous predicament. However, as Julia Stiles’ character says, ‘Remembering everything doesn’t mean that you know everything,’, and so we can expect many more complicated storylines and intriguing developments from this fascinating character.

And another interesting facet of the movie is the fact that it will provide Academy Award winning actress Alicia Vikander with perhaps her biggest role yet that will certainly be more action-packed than her previously more cerebral performances in the likes of The Danish Girl.

But as always with the Bourne series, it’s impossible to say what will happen. And just like a game of online pokies, we won’t get the full story until the very last second!