12 Shows You Need to Watch in 2016

12 Shows You Need to Watch in 2016
So, we’re halfway through 2016, for some of us this time of the year AKA summer break is the time to excessively binge-watch shows all day. To those of you whose souls scream for a pillow, some snacks and Netflix, here are the 12 shows that you MUST watch this year.

Disclaimer: Some of these shows haven’t started in 2016 but gained popularity over the period of this year and hence are on this list.

How to get away with Murder
How to get away with Murder.
If you didn’t already watch this show, what the hell are you doing? Shonda Rhimes hits us hard with Viola Davis playing a brilliant, ruthless Criminal Law Professor who picks out five students and before you know it they’re involved in a murder conspiracy. This show will literally have you hooked as you find yourself being shocked with every revelation that takes place. The pilot is ingenious and the sharp tone, pungent conversation, extreme characters, spiral plotting and the rapidity reflect the Shonda thinking of entertain-at-all-costs, providing a blazing platform for Viola Davis as Annalise Keating. If you like Scandal, you’ll LOVE this law-thriller! Also, Jack Falahee and Alfred Enoch are an eye candy for all! *wink*

Who doesn’t love a little historical drama with an inaccurate representation of history? This show centers on the life of Queen of Scotland, Mary Stuart. As the show enfolds its third season, we watch naive teenage love, malicious girls and deceitfulness. History aside, Reign, created by Laurie McCarthy and Stephanie SenGupta, is not only engaging but also classy for a CW production.

Narcos is a good show where bad men do bad things and good people get hurt. There have been plenty of shows that cover this familiar ground, but only Narcos deals with the truth behind the fiction, for better or for worse. It’s a very well-executed version of an outlandish story that is still, when told across 10 hours, functionally familiar.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones
Marvel’s Jessica Jones.
Jessica Jones stands by itself as a captivating work of TV, and represents the evolutionary jump Marvel has been waiting to take in terms of telling a wider variety of stories. You can enjoy it without knowing a thing about any other comic-book title, on the page or on the screen, and that’s just about the highest praise one can bestow on a Marvel property. The war for Jessica as she struggles between pushing her emotions aside and yet being consumed by humanity is enthralling. The favourite part for the feminist in me is that the superhero is a woman!!!! (Also this passes the Bechel Test so another +1 for this show.)

Sense 8
Sense 8.
OKAY, so this sense 8 is my ABSOLUTE favorite- and the capitalization of my words doesn’t even cover it. A fascinating, globetrotting epic that still manages to feel very intimate. The visuals are beautiful and you will immensely enjoy the diversity of the eight cultures shown. The balance between actions, character development, love, intimacy is very meticulously maintained.

P.S Max Riemelt and Miguel Silvestre are also quite aesthetically pleasing. #NoObjectficationIntended

War and Peace
War and Peace.
It’s a battle between, heroic romance and epic intellectual discovery, but viewers are probably going to have to stop comparing it to book by Tolstoy to full understand why this show is so impressive. Viewers will lose themselves in this amusing tapestry of a departed world.

The Night Manager
The Night Manager.
The Night Manager is a mini-series starring Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie (Do I need to say more?!). This show has something for everyone- fans of spy craft, fans of cinematic television, fans of good storytelling or just of Tom Hiddleston or Hugh Laurie. It will pull you into its story completely and allow you occupy its world, but at a dreadful price: brevity.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
Let’s take a break from all the heavy drama and move to a comedy genre. Brooklyn Nine Nine, is about a brilliant, witty and cheery NYPD Detective, Jake Peralta (who btw is also HILARIOUS).  The scripts are always likable and comical, and some of the circumstances and humor is L-O-L (literally) funny.

American Criminal Story
American Criminal Story.
Criminal Story is absolutely arresting (pun intended), with its strong cast and a story that will have you hooked from the first episode!

Fuller House
Fuller House.
Let’s admit it, this brings back our childhood memories. Well, they’re all grown up now! This show will succeed in making you laugh and will make you nostalgic with old phrases and humor.

This series is for all those comic fans who love to see the comic come to life, other people who are just looking for a drama to watch may find not find it as exciting.  The show is great at depicting a man on a mission who seems ignorant to his family’s difficulties and only focuses on the assignment at hand. Arrow is must watch for all DC fans!

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes.
The only trouble thus show will give you is brevity. From Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock to the intriguing, outstanding dialogues and the intricate storyline. Sherlock is a compelling interpretation in the contemporary version.

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