Transformers 5 Reveal Title – Transformers: The Last Knight

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Destroy all you want, but you can’t deny Michael Bay‘s Transformers franchise has been one of the most profitable film franchises in history. Transformers 5 is coming and now has an official title, and Paramount have sent us the film’s title treatment and Instagram  teaser, check them out….

Transformers The Last Knight

Calling all #Autobots: Optimus Prime is ready for battle. Are you? #transformers

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Not much is known yet about Transformers: The Last Knight yet as in the story. Is The Last Knight a reference to Optimus Prime whose face we see in the about instagram image with the message “Optimus Prime is ready for battle. Are you?” or some new giant robot? All we know is Mark Whalberg will be back as Cade Yeager and he will be joined by new supporting cast. Those name should be informed very shortly as production of the film is set to start on Cuba on 6th June. Hopefully by then we should learn who that cast maybe, possibly a little more on what we can expect as the early talk is that Transformers universe is a ‘shared one’, but who are they sharing it with? Hasbro have wide catalogue of Toys which could leave you pondering is it them? or even them?

Despite the critical panning by many critics, the franchise delivers the cash but for many Michael Bay delivers the high octane action thrills many film goers enjoy. Sometimes many of us just want brainless popcorn munching fun with crazy set pieces, explosive action, whilst you can argue a number of negative reasons. You just have to look at 4 films nearly $4 billion there is demand. Transformers: Age Of Extinction a soft reboot of the previous films  may  have shown there’s still room for improvement and with Michael Bay back for at least one more film it’s time for him to step up and deliver.

Transformers: The Last Knight is set for a 23rd June 2017 UK release.