Tom Hardy To Star In Star Wars Episode 8?

Tom Hardy
He might be one of the favourite to serve on Her Majesty’s Secret Service as the iconic James Bond franchise, is Tom Hardy to star in the next chapter of one of the greatest Sci-fi Franchise…Star Wars?

***Spoiler Alert, possible spoilers for those willing to wait until chapter 8 cinemtic release***
According to Making Star Wars, Mad Max: Fury Road star will make a cameo appearance in the same way former 007 Daniel Craig did in Chapter 7: The Force Awakens. The site accurately reported on Craig’s cameo as well as the Han Solo twist well before the release of the previous film was released.

What they are reporting is Tom Hardy will play a stormtrooper of the First Order somone very familiar to Finn (John Boyega) aka FN-2187. The thing is he’s on a secret mission and his old friend (Hardy’s character) slaps his behind and starts to congratulates him believing he is a spy infiltrating the ‘resistence’. Apparently they are old friends from the academy days and he’s so elated his old friend is a spy. Finn is scared witless that he’s been spotted believing he’ll be captured probably killed, but to his amazement the stormtrooper walks away leaving Finn free to continue the mission!!

It sounds like this will be another one of those ‘easter eggs’ possibly a little longer scene than Daniel Craig‘s scene where he finds himself hypnotised by Rey (Daisy Ridley). There was also some social media gossip that he might be Boba Fett, however that one was laid to rest. If he was his part would be a lot bigger, slightly longer role as he was one of Star Wars most popular bounty hunters which many fans would love to see get his own spin off film.

So is Star Wars Franchise, the new muppets or Zoolander which many big names fight to star in the films as cameos? Star Wars Chapter 8 is set for Christmas 2017 release.However  there is the small matter of the first Star Wars spin off film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story out December 16th.