New Ghostbusters UK Trailer unveils The Gadgets, More Ghosts!

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It will haunt you every night, what ever they are, These ladies can handle this type of evil, you’re gonna want to call them they are The Ghostbusters and this is their New UK Trailer. After the recent U.S trailer we now get a UK version, shorter, more characters, more ghosts and more laughs. But who can handle the untested nuclear laser? Kristen Wiig can because she has the longest arms…

Parker Junior theme tune from the original film rushes through but sadly the noise of haters is drowning that tune. We may not be afraid of no ghosts but some folks think there’s something weird that doesn’t look good but they wanna call 1984 whilst be be calling 2016 team!

We’ve never felt so much hatred for a film  in a very long time and this is just from the trailers for the film. It’s the type of hatred the likes of Adam Sandler is subjected to (he got it from us too!) when has a new film on the horizon. It’s really hard to pinpoint the actual real reason, is it your childhood memories ruined or depending what gender you are, it’s showing your frail masculinity is? You don’t like female comedic actress reprise roles once played by male actors? Could it be the fact alot of the jokes look like they are the same ones from the original film?

We won’t judge it, even if the last trailer was one of the most hated trailers in history, but there has been times when good films have had dreadful trailers and yes we do know good trailers doesn’t mean it will be a good film. Many of the original  Ghostbusters cast will be making cameos in this 2016 including Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson, Dan Ackroyd. Imdb even says Annie Potts will be in it makes you wonder if there will be a running joke with Chris Hemsworth in it?

As for the actual new trailer you could argue to say this might be the best of the bunch. The Jokes are better all round, there’s new footage too. It’s a shame that the film’s promotion has been swamped by the negativity especially as Paul Feig is one comedy’s best director’producers and the cast share similar popularity. Whilst some film critics have pubically admitted they won’t be watching this, if anything the volume of coverage this film might just do wonders for it at the box office. So who you gonna call if this gets a sequel?

Like every movie, we will give this a chance before we judge it on 11th July (new release date) when Ghostbusters arrives in UK.The film stars  Melissa McCarthy,Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig ,Leslie Jones ,Andy Garcia, Michael Kenneth Williams, Matt Walsh, and Cecily Strong.