Ma Ma UK Trailer Is All About life, death, romance, and motherhood.

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Ma Ma - Penélope Cruz

In the official UK Trailer for Ma Ma it’s all about life, death, romance, and motherhood. Academy Award winner Penélope Cruz in the new film from fearless Spanish director Julio Medem (Sex and Lucia, Chaotic Ana).

Ma Ma is the story of Magda (Cruz). Confronted with tragedy, she reacts with a surge of life that flows inside of her, from the imaginable to the unimaginable. Diagnosed with cancer who forms an unexpected bond with a soccer scout (Luis Tosar) whose wife has been gravely injured in a car accident. Accompanied by her closest circle, she will live the most unexpected situations filled with humour and delicate happiness.

The battle to beat those dreadful illness especially Cancer continues and the past couple of years it looks like a battle we’re winning. Whilst it’s a battle we’re winning we forget sometimes the awareness and films (even TV Shows) like this one remind us the fight must go on.This looks like it deliver the emotion. intensity and with the camera solely focused on Cruz, the emotions her characters experiences will become very real to the viewer. A very subjective film that looks to be more focused on how we deal with tragedy, and how something as dramatic can unleash a new sense of life.

Ma Ma is been released in UK&Ireland by Metrodome Distribution and you can watch the film from 24th June. The film also stars Asier Etxeandia, Teo Planell.

Ma Ma UK Poster