Lupita Nyong’o To Star In Black Panther Movie?

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Lupita Nyong'o

Now Captain America: Civil War is now out some argue the greatest Marvel movie ever (personally not greatest, though strong edition), but it introduced a lot of new things to the MCU. One been Black Panther , a new character to the franchise, an exciting mysterious and today we took another step closer to the Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther 2018 film. Chadwick Boseman‘s  debut was impressive as T’Challa, the new King of the African nation of Wakanda,making the prospect of his 2018 film mouth watering. Today we learn the film might have found it’s next cast member, Lupita Nyong’o.

There is exact information on who exactly Nyong’o is playing but THR are reporting the British Oscar winner will play T’Challa’s love interest. But who could that be? There is a few possibilities…

American singer Monica Lynn, one time girlfriend of T’Challa after she saved his life. She even moved into the Royal Palace, becoming engaged to him but like many things, she wasn’t Royal class and she left. Next up is Storm who actually married him however 20th Century  Fox own her character. If  things where to work there would have to be a Spiderman style crossover deal with Fox or some deal to give Disney permission. She would certainly make a great Storm. Final possibility is Dora Milaje who was actually in Civil War (The bald bodyguard), tough as nails went face to with The Black Widow in the garage scene. A Ceremonial wive to T’Challa’s father. There could be one other possibility she could be Monica Rambeau the first Captain Marvel and the one some fans would like to see.

Whilst we speculate who she might play or who we love her to play, we mustn’t forget all this is still gossip and Lupita Nyong’o could still not appear in Black Panther. If she does appear she could easily play a new character who is badass.


Black Panther is set to start filming in 2017 with the film set to be released on 6th July 2018.