TIME FOR CHANGE: Video shows first LGBT superhero urging studios to accurately portray sexuality on the big screen.

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Mike Buonaiuto

Why are LGBT Superheroes missing or desexualised in hollywood blockbusters?

Iceman, Mystique, Catwoman and many other well known superheroes are written as LGBT in the comic books, only to then appear as straight when they hit the big screen. Launching in partnership with MCM Comic Con today and following #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend trending last week, this trailer gives fans the first opportunity to see LGBT superheroes accurately brought to life.

“This project has been been completed created by volunteers,” said Director Mike Buonaiuto. “We hope that we can demonstrate to the studios that there is a huge audience for accurate LGBT portrayal on the big screen, and it won’t deter cinema­goers to buy tickets.

Why not have your say Take Action and head over to www.ShapeHistory.com/LGBTSuperheroes

Television soaps all have LGBT characters ,that accurately portray sexuality on the small screen but not the big screen.Superhero films have a very large chunk of box office income worldwide so why can’t we have LGBT Superheroes in these tentpole films?

As a response, the trailer calls for studios such as Marvel and DC to include diverse characters in their films and give LGBT kids a hero they can look up to.

Like it or not, the human race are a diverse bunch of folks, very unique. We have our own dietary beliefs, religious beliefs and with sexuality not a taboo subject as it was decades ago, so why cant there be diverse sexual characters?