Jason Bourne ‘Is Back’ New Action Packed Featurette

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Jason Bourne
It’s followed him for 14 years and as Matt Damon said he loves making the movies and this July Jason Bourne is back .In this new featurette goes behind the scenes chatting to Damon and director Paul Greengrass reuniting, the impact on their careers but most of al hints on the film’s story.

We cannot deny it we’re psyched about America’s million dollar weapon is back, but director and the original lead back together sharing their excitement for coming back but also they share some new footage too!

Matt Damon claimed “Jason Bourne will be bigger than ever” and this new promo sort of backs up that claim as well as the claim this new film will be politically up to date. The action scenes have always been the real star of this franchise with the previous films even Jeremy Renner‘s Bourne, The Bourne Legacy had it’s moments. In this new movie it’s looking like the Athen’s riot scene (which is actually filmed in Tenerife!)looks like maybe one of the standout scenes and the trailer pushes it. Whilst Renner’s film may have not won alot of fans due to the volume of (or lack off depending how you feel on the film)Jason Bourne should eradicate that disappointment.

We still don’t know much about the film’s actual plot, why do they (CIA) want Bourne back? We find him alone off grid hopefully this film will answer those questions. Though we have a hunch we might only learn part of that reason possibly leading to a 6th film. Damon said it’s going to be a ‘post 9-11’ story which may dig deeper to how Bourne is highly regarded weapon and get more unclassifed info. For Matt Damon himself constantly asked any where he went no longer needs to bite his lip, he can finally say “yes I’m making a new one”.

Jason Bourne is out in UK&Ireland on 27th July, co-starring Julia Stiles, Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel and Tommy Lee Jones.