Favourite Grandparents on Screen

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Dirty Grandpa BD

Grandparents are brilliant for offering pearls of wisdom and supplying embarrassing moments – sometimes they’re even crude and inappropriate, but at the end of the day you can’t help but love them. Robert De Niro plays the rudest and crudest grandad in Dirty Grandpa, which comes to Blu-ray and DVD on May 23 and to celebrate the release of the film we take a look at our favourite grandparents in film.

Little Focker’s (2010)

This comedy stars Robert De Niro and Blythe Danner as grandparents to two toddlers. They turn up to stay with Greg Focker and their daughter, and once again Jack (De Niro) grows suspicious of his son in law. The twins celebrate their birthday with a party where the two start fighting and ends up with Jack having a heart attack. Happy Birthday!

Princess Diaries (2001)

Imagine finding your long lost grandmother AND finding out she’s a queen all in one day. Mia is shocked to say the least in this classic comedy film starring Julie Andrews as Queen Clarisse. The two grow close as Mia learns how to behave like a princess, as she will one day inherit the throne. The queen makes an effort to spend time with Mia, so they go to the arcade together and eat hot dogs, which is very different from her usual royal behaviour!

The Proposal (2009)

This list would be incomplete without actress Betty White, renowned for being the coolest OAP going. She plays the dirty minded grandmother of Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), doing all the stereotypical things you would imagine a senior of her age to do; going to strip clubs, dancing in the woods to Lil Jon and making sexual jokes.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

Charlie Bucket is closest to his Grandpa Joe out of his four grandparents, who all share one bed in their little house. He’s the one who tells Charlie the stories about the chocolate factory, and miraculously jumps out of bed upon learning Charlie finds a golden ticket. They experience the amazing factory together, and Grandpa Joe helps Charlie stay grounded while Charlie teaches grandpa to be honest.

Dirty Grandpa (2016)

The dirtiest grandpa of them all is played by the legendary Robert De Niro, who convinces his grandson to go on a road trip with him when he becomes widowed. His goal is to get with as many women as he can, much to the embarrassment of his grandson played by Zac Efron. He takes part in drinking games, singlehandedly takes down a gang and even pulls the girl of his dreams.