DVD Review – Steel (2016)

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Steel is a new LGBT themed drama from studio TLA Releasing and is a 2015 film.

Following the story of Daniel a 29 year old successful TV host who is on top of the world, that is until he meets a Young man named Alexander, who turns his life upside down.

Steel gets a UK DVD release on 23rd May 2016 from TLA Releasing.

As a reviewer it is my job to tell you the truth about films I see. Steel was a questionable one for me as I hadn’t heard to much about it. So I went in not knowing much, which can be a good thing, and I am happy to say that overall I liked Steel, though there was a lot I did not like.

Starting things off the acting in this film was for the most part acceptable however at first I found it to be very soap opera like in the over reacting and over dramatic acting from the main character. However as the film progressed I began to like this Soap opera feel that the film was going for. It felt almost like it was trying to go for an old style romance, drama with a hint of thriller, which for the most part I didn’t mind.

Something I will talk very highly about was the scoring and music in the film. The score was like something from an old 50s film very chilling when it had to be but very soft and romantic when it need to be.

Apart from that it was really the acting that is the biggest negative for me and after a while you get used to it.

The cinematography, at times, was excellent and some of the scenery, especially near the end was stunning.

Overall I think the film is worth watching if you are a fan of Romance dramas. Also fans of LGBT films will love this. It really is a great example of an old style romance film meeting modern themes of sexuality.

The film deals a lot with the struggles amny go through in life with figuring out who they are and what they are meant to be doing with their lives. It was a bold film In my opinion because it deals with someone who is in the public eye who in many cases in today’s society, still is seen to be “Straight” which I think is something that is still a issue in today’s Hollywood.

Although this review was short and sweet I hope I have convinced you to go and watch this film.

★★★1/2 | Ross Wilcock

Drama, LBGTQ |Canada, 2015 | 15 | TLA Releasing | 23rd May 2016 (DVD, UK) |Dir.Sven J. Matten | Mimi Kuzyk, Chad Connell, Tamara Gorski, David Cameron |Buy:Steel [DVD]