Don’t Breathe UK Trailer The Hunter Become The Prey

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Don t Breathe UK

They always say never judge a book by it’s cover, is a true statement .So when The hunter becomes the prey in Don’t Breathe UK trailer,underestimate your ‘prey’ could cost you your life!

Rev up the tension as Fede Alvarez’s SXSW hit horror thriller reveals it’s promo which will leave you gasping, teasing us why audiences in Texas where spooked!

Don’t Breathe we meet a group of teens who rob homes believe they have found the perfect job, when they break into a blind man’s home. They’re wrong, as the so called perfect time becomes a nightmare.

Alvarez’s last outing in horror with Evil Dead reboot divided not just critics but also fans. Personally I liked his vision of Sam Raimi (whose executive producer of this film) horror classic, it kept tropes of the original,twisting them amped up the gore. The gore levels put some folks off but when you look at it, but that’s we see in many 21st Century horrors.

In this we do hind ourselves back in a house, not a cabin in the woods, nor do we have the legions of hell wanting your soul, you have Stephen Lang.He plays the blind man on a mission to defend his home from invaders, with Daredevil type high senses. He’s menacing, scary as hell unleashing a strand of fear throughout his home invaders. Keeping the story simple, keeps this filming flowing ramping up the tension for us viewers making this a mouth-watering prospect.

Sometimes when it comes to similar movies to Don’t Breathe seem to air for the ‘prey’ but reading about the film’s premiere at SXSW, the audience cheered the blind man. It also sounds like the trailer don’t reveal all it’s prize scares a move many horrors fail at.Many horrors also get paraded as the next big thing and disappoint at the core, repeat the same mistakes every time.This one looks might just deliver the goods!

Don’t Breathe is set for a 9th September in UK&Ireland, starring Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto.