The Definitive Cost Analysis Of Famous Movie Proms

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Back To The Future

What’s your favorite movie prom? Is it Never Been Kissed? Pretty in Pink? Carrie?

It’s almost June, and prom season is fast approaching. Everyone has a favorite movie prom, but there’s one aspect of movie proms we never talk about: how much did they cost?

Ebates ran the numbers and figured out how much our favorite movie proms cost. The results are really interesting. Spoiler: hiring Usher to DJ your prom doesn’t come cheap.

Prom! It’s the most magical time in a teenager’s life. Or at least it’s supposed to be. More often than not, prom night ends with lame decorations, dashed expectations and nasty hangovers. But there’s one place where prom night is always as awesome and epic as it is in your imagination: the movies. From blood-soaked queens to time-traveling teens, the movies have given us some truly memorable prom scenes over the years. They’re the proms we only wish ours could be like. But why wish? You can have a prom just like the one in your favorite movie, if you’ve got the money to spend. That’s why we decided to do a cost analysis of our favorite movie proms.

(Full disclosure: Not every scene we looked at was a prom scene. But we just couldn’t imagine doing this list without including school dances like the Enchantment Under the Sea dance from “Back to the Future” or the Spring Fling from “Mean Girls.”)

A big thanks to Ebates for their Infographic.

Cost Analysis of Movie Proms
Cost Analysis of Movie Proms Created By: Ebates