Can You Survive End Of Humanity? Watch Into The Forest Trailer

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into the forest
Ellen Page is fast becoming an survival expert when it comes to the end of the world after 2 X-Men movies. Her latest attempt Into The Forest she has the company of Evan Rachel Wood as sisters facing post apocalypse in a slow burning , isolation drama, Check out the official trailer

In a not-too-distant future, sisters Nell and Eva find themselves shuttered in their home. Surrounded by nothing but miles of dense forest, the sisters must fend for themselves using the supplies and food reserves they have before turning to the forest to discover what it will provide. They are faced with a world where rumour is the only guide, trust is a scarce commodity, gas is king and loneliness is excruciating. And yet somehow miraculously, love still grows.

Into The Forest is not your usual post-apocalyptic movie, no fallout or does it really go into why the world has collapsed. It’s a smart move by film makers when they work in the sub genre, leaving the door opened to many possibilities. Director Patricia Rozema has opted for a slow subtle pace movie that looks likely leading to a dark ending,it’s intimate isolation playing on your many fears. Desperation might sink in to your lives with hunger, shortage of food and big power outages as you attempt to just survive and suggesting the it’s an economic collapse.

It’s great a film stays grounded rather delve into the generic side of post-apocalyptic movies.

No word on who’s distributing the film in UK or if a release date has been announced. Into The Forest will be first released in USA via Direct TV 23rd June with a cinema release 29th July. The film also stars Max Minghella, Callum Keith Rennie, Michael Eklund, and Wendy Crewson.