Watch Elvis & Nixon UK Trailer …Am All Shook Up Huh Huh

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46 years ago the world was nearly ‘all shook up’ when the man who sung about Suspicious Minds, Elvis Presley. In Elvis & Nixon The King wants President Richard Nixon to make him an undercover federal agent will he? Now that unique event is the setting of a new film coming this June, check out the first UK trailer.

Michael Shannon is Elvis and he has plans to kick off a war on drugs, hippies, and those ‘anti-Americans’ The Beatles, but will Richard ‘Frank Underwood’ Nixon give the king his ‘blue Suede Shoes’?

In Elvis & Nixon, the morning of December 21st 1970 the world’s biggest star, Elvis Presley (Michael Shannon) arrived on the White House lawn to request a meeting with the most powerful man in the world, President Richard Nixon (Kevin Spacey). Elvis & Nixon tells the astounding true story of this meeting between two men at the height of their powers.

Reading up on the news stories, articles on this event , it makes you wonder why it took them so long to make a film on this strange meeting. The source material is what you would call nuts but it also a indication the wealth and power Presley had. Anyone with the cockiness to ask the most powerful man in the universe to be an undcover agent!!! Then again looking at the history books Richard Nixon didn’t have many friends and when the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll volunteers his services to country what better ally to have!Priscilla his wife even said “The narc badge represented some kind of ultimate power to him,”

Elvis Presley is probably one of impersonated celebrities in the world, so it’s easy to slip into the stereotypical vision of the man. Shannon does look to embody a spirit of the man fans will respect rather than cringe, but are you ready for Spacey to play another President?

Elvis & Nixon will be released in the UK & Ireland on 24 June.Also starring Colin Hanks, Johnny Knoxville and Alex Pettyfer with Liza Johnson directing.