June 9, 2023

Video Podcast: Week In Wrestling – Episode 1 (11-17th April 2016)


Week In Wrestling Episode.1 (11-17th April 2016 )|Running Time 36:20

Welcome to the first ever Wrestling Video Podcast for The People’s Movies  Week In Wrestling hosted by the newest member of the team LK. Every week LK will talk about  WWE, ROH Wrestling, TNA, Lucha Underground and NJPW, as you’ll listen he knows his stuff very well!

LK is dedicated to love of wrestling and has his own youtube channel as well as a Podcaster for KocoSports/PWME. You can check out his channel www.YouTube.Com/KocoSports , he podcasts every day simply because he loves to! Do check out his own channel which he has a ‘VIP’ section and if you enjoyed this podcast you will enjoy his other videos, so do subscribe!

This is our first video and like what LK asks please do tell us what you think of Week In Wrestling, positive and negative help us deliver a more complete video.

Week In Wrestling time line will be weekly every weekend (Sunday) so keep an eye here at The Peoples Movies or go over to our youtube channel where the podcast will be hosted and subscribe.

So do enjoy and welcome oonboard to LK! enjoy

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