Spiderman Reboot Now Spiderman: Homecoming, Michael Keaton To Play Villain?

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Spider-Man-Homecoming Logo

How many reboots does it take to tell a story  and Spiderman’s story? After Andrew Garfield‘s unsuccessful stint as the Webslinger, Sony now have a new reboot and today we have a name and logo for it Spiderman: Homecoming. Now firmly part of Marvel Cinema Universe and a new (British) actor playing Peter Parker, Tom Holland whose about to debut in Captain America: Civil War.

The news of new title and logo (above) where announced at Sony panel at ComicCon, Las Vegas by Sony Chairman Tom Rothman. He stated the title reflected his youthful age and “Peter is trying to find his way home.“, it’s also a reference to the comic book of the same name that was out in the 1980’s.It’s also a reference to his homecoming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe too! Spiderman is clearly still an Sony Pictures film with Marvel Studios onboard as ‘creative Producers’

If 1980’s comic book of the same name will be used as a guide to the upcoming film, it would mean we would have cameos from both Captain America and Iron Man. Depending on the outcome of Civil War movies might deter which of the two might appear, if anything it will probably be in a flashback scene. We think they’ll have to be alot forgiveness and making up to be done first!

In other Spiderman: Homecoming news, it seems the level of anticipation might be about to get even higher as Michael Keaton might be onboard to be the film’s villain. Variety are reporting the actor who has been The Batman and more recently Birdman might now be ready to be another winged character. The recent gossip is saying he might be in line to play iconic villain The Vulture who was originally set to be that baddie in Sam Raimi’s 4th Spiderman film with John Malkovich to play the role. He’s actor who will be well received if these rumours true even if he’s not playing the character mentioned, if it’s not the Vulture who could he be?

It shouldn’t be long before we find out as Spiderman: Homecoming is set for a 7th July, 2017 release date with shooting expected to start later this year. Marisa Tomei is set to play Aunt May with singer Zendaya whose role is still unknown, Cop Car‘s Jon Watt set to direct.