In New The Jungle Book Featurette Goes ‘Real 3D’

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The Jungle Book Jon Favreau

To mark the release of the all-new, live-action epic adventure The Jungle Book, RealD has released an exclusive interview with director Jon Favreau, who explains why 3D is the best way for audiences to immerse themselves in this contemporary remake of the iconic tale.

Favreau, who has directed films such as Iron Man and Elf, reveals that James ‘Jim’ Cameron inspired his 3D journey, citing that watching Avatar in 3D ‘felt like something I had never seen before’.

The director highlights how important it was to consider the 3D elements throughout the full filming process in order to take his audience on a wild ride through the jungle. By doing so, Favreau was able to emphasise the 3D components and make it all the more realistic.

Favreau states: “You’re involved in this environment, with hanging vines, the camera is moving around, and there’s fog, and then the snake emerges from the fog. When it’s in 3D it makes you kind of squirm back in your seat a little bit because a snake coming out of the trees slowly towards you really lends itself to the 3D treatment”.

To ensure the film was impactful, both in 2D and 3D, Jon Favreau watched the film as they went, with both a 2D and 3D monitor on set throughout filming. This would allow Favreau’s team to change elements like the inter-ocular and convergence and therefore enhance the 3D.

Favreau adds that 3D makes you feel as though “you’re seeing a real thing in the frame…that you are actually looking at something that was really there. The effect of that is, as an audience member, you feel much more engaged with the story. I feel a lot more emotionally when I watch it in its proper format which is 3D”.

The featurette from RealD also includes behind-the-scenes footage from the film. Filmmakers used up-to-the-minute technology, from cutting-edge CGI to virtual cameras, to create something that appears completely realistic to the audience. No small task but with a team of experts who have worked on global phenomenon’s like Life of Pi,Gravity, Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy under their belts, this authenticity was achieved.

The Jungle Book is tearing box offices appart not just here in the UK&Ireland but internationally too, not just through curiosity to see a classic Disney animation become a ‘live action’ but one delivering critical appraise. Personally we’re not fans of 3D films and whilst James Cameron has inspired the industry  with 3D this film does look one of those rare occasions 3D does work. It will be curious to see what Cameron does with the 4 Avatar films he wants to make.

The Jungle Book is in cinemas now, you can read our review here.