Join Us! Podcasters And Video Bloggers Wanted

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We’ve now established ourselves in web blogging but to keep things fresh and secure the future we need to evolve into other areas. Podcasters and Video Bloggers we love you to join us  here at The Peoples Movies and Cinehouse.

Are you ready to be the voice or face or even both for us? This is new territory for us but it’s areas we have to expand into to deliver and we’re looking for fun, confident, self sufficient fanboys and fangirls to deliver our passion to our readers. So what areas are we looking for ?

The world’s your oyster! Film is our main core so there’s chance to  create your own magazine type podcast where you can cover many genres  your the boss. Television, Wrestling are also 2 big other areas we love someone to cover too.

It’s the same for Video bloggers too  though you can be a little more direct and base your video blogs on certain genre or even TV Shows like The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones. Our Main areas will be film, wrestling, TV shows.

We love you to be confident, inventive bursting with ideas, ideally experienced in Podcasting or video blogging but not always a must. Got a good microphone, good earphones and software (ie audicity) to podcast, we have a youtube channel so if it’s video blogging we can host your video. Below is an contact form fill it out tell us little bit about yourself, what kind of stuff you’d like to talk about, how long you’ve been a fan, what you watch on a Daily/weekly basis. If you already have a podcast or video blogging want to join up too, tell us a little about yourself and your shows/video blogs so we can support you, get you a few more viewers/listeners your way too.

Good Luck!