Former WWE Superstar Chyna Dies , Aged 45

chyna Joanie Laurer
Just as the shocking news of Pop icon Prince sudden death, The sad news has also that Former WWE Superstar Chyna was found dead in her home.

Whatever you think of Wrestling as a sport or entertainment, no one likes to see anyone dies at any especially  young and Chyna was only 45. It was confirmed by the Police in Redondo Beach, California, Joanie Laurer (Chyna’s real name) her body was found at her home on Wednesday (20th April). After the Police asked one of Laurer’s friends to check on her, she was unresponsive and Police say the death is under investigation but there is no signs of foul play.

Chyna was one of the early pioneers for women’s wrestling, Known as the 9th wonder of the world she helped pave the way for now Diva’s Division in NXT and WWE, Giving the spotlight to the likes of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch a chance to shine on the companies premiere shows and PPV’s.

She was a graduate of Tampa University, she started her wrestling training under the wing of the legendary Wladek ‘Killer’ Kowalski. She started making a name for herself on eastern independent circuit and it was here she encountered a certain Paul Levesque (aka HHH) and Shawn Michaels who courted her talents to WWE.

Vince McMahon brought her onboard to be HHH enforcer/bodyguard shadowing his every step leading to her knickname of ‘9th Wonder of the world’ (Andre The Giant being the 8th). It was only the matter of time alongside HHH, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac Sean Waltman, later New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg, Jesse James)she became a fully fledged member of D-Generation X. This was attitude era of (then WWF) for WWE as they thought the ratings against WCW and their NWO. DX where raunchy, vulgar but a much loved heel group which Chyna took part in many matches usually against other male wrestlers. She was formidable and physique of a bodybuilder was able to handle herself sometimes against wrestlers alot bigger than her. She also made history been the first female wrestler to enter The Royal Rumble, King Of The Ring as well as been the longest running female champion at the the time. But not long after had to relinquish her belt which resulted also her leaving WWE.

The reasons for departing have been debated by fans and critics for a very long time. It is known at one time she was dating HHH however as soon as his affair (now wife) Stephanie McMahon daughter of Vince ,allegations, moves where made to silence Chyna. She did go onto wrestle in different promotions but was unable to capture that spirit that made her o popular in WWE. She did make some appearances in various films and TV Shows including nearly playing the terminator in Terminator 3 Rise of The Machines loosing out to Kristina Lokeren.

The thing that probably did get her back in the spotlight was her infamous run in the Adult film industry as a porn star (including a well known One Night In Chyna with her former DX star and then lover, Sean Waltman). For years fans have cried out for Chyna to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame have cried foul due to her time as a porn star as well as her personal battles. However it is reported now that HHH has now called for to be entered in the Hall Of Fame.

R.I.P Joanie Laurer and thank you for the memories.