Five Scenes That Prove How Good Better Call Saul Really Is

Better Call Saul
Sometimes it’s hard to accept that Breaking Bad is now gone. If there is a shining light in the darkness of a world without Walter White, then it is Better Call Saul. With references to the original show and even returning characters, it’s a spin-off that really works. The big question is though, when will Jesse Pinkman make an appearance?

While he may not be on the show (yet) there are still plenty of reasons to love Better Call Saul. Here are five memorable scenes that show what makes the show so special:

Saul’s Attempt at Advertising
Better Call Saul Advert
When Saul puts up a huge billboard to try to drum up some business he gets the attention of the dreaded law firm Davis and Main who try and force him to take it down. When he seems to save the life of a worker who is working on the billboard though he becomes a hero and gains the recognition he feels he deserves. Is all as it seems though?

The Great Skateboard Scam
Better Call Saul Skateboarders
When two skateboarders try to scam Saul with a leg-breaking routine he takes them under his wing to show them how it should be done. When he inadvertently has them run it on Tuco Salamanca’s grandmother it appears that Saul may have bitten off more than he can chew. A way to bring in a Breaking Bad character, it also helped cement Better Call Saul as a show that could come out of Breaking Bad’s shadow.

Mike’s Revenge
Better Call Saul Mike
It’s no surprise that Mike would turn up in Better Caul Saul, in many ways this prequel was as much about Mike as it was about Saul himself. We learn more about the former cop, and in some of his most powerful scenes see him get revenge for his son’s untimely death.

Chuck’s Betrayal
Better Call Saul Brother
Saul charms us in the show with his doting on his brother Chuck. Seemingly unable to leave his home, Chuck relies on Saul to be his connection to the outside world. When Chuck finally finds the ability to leave his home and return to work though his betrayal of Saul is character building for the character and important scenes not only for Better Call Saul but also Breaking Bad.

Saul Calls Bingo
Better Call Saul Bingo
There are a wide variety of bingo games online, but none compare to this! we know that Saul has the gift of the gab, but to see him call bingo in season one is comical, though also charming. His breakdown while doing it is also touching and important for the show. It builds his character and prepares him for the path he must take, even if he didn’t predict it would be that way.

While we don’t know how far Better Call Saul will go, what we’ve been given is a show that extends the Breaking Bad world. We love it, and it keeps on giving us plenty of good scenes of comedy and drama. Hopefully it won’t end anytime soon or we’ll have to find another way to get our Breaking Bad Fix.