Empire Cinemas Launches THE BFG: Human bean cinema etiquette guide

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Empire Cinemas BFG Etiqeutte Guide

Ahead of the release of Steven Spielberg’s much anticipated live action adaptation of Roald Dahl’s beloved book The BFG on 22nd July, Empire Cinemas has created A Human Bean Etiquette Guide to ensure all cinemagoers have a whoppsy-whiffling, whiz-banger of a time at the cinema.

According to recent research carried out by Empire Cinemas, chitter chatter during viewings is the number one catasterous disastrophe during screenings, with a staggering two thirds (67%) of Brits choosing this as the most inconvenient action. The use of mobile phones and rustling of ones delumptious sweets ranked second (49%) and overly loud munching of popcorn (40%) came in third on the list of gruncious cinema etiquette.

In light of this research, Empire Cinemas are introducing a cinema Etiquette Guide ahead of the release of The BFG. This guide features the top eight ‘golden rules’ of appropriate cinema behaviour, to ensure all human beans have a hopscotchy, whoopsey-splunkers time at Empire Cinemas.

A Human Bean Etiquette Guide
1. No whizzpopping!
2. Don’t be ucky-mucky, take your mess with you
3. Please be hushy quiet, no one likes a chatbag
4. Eat your scumdiddlyumptious popcorn quietly
5. Keep your frobscottle slurping to a minimum
6. It is rambunctious to be tippy tapping on your phone
7. Keep your ickypoo feet off the chairs in front of you
8. Have a whoppsy-whiffling, whiz-banger of a time at Empire Cinemas

Fun or no fun when 85% of your regular customers think there should be an official cinema code of conduct. Amazingly mobile phone use which is my pet hate came in second next to my other hate loud sweet rustling. At a recent screening during the film I even witnessed a full domestic arguement! This maybe a fun promotion for an upcoming family film however the film fans will agree it’s an etiquette that should be followed in every film!

Check out the wonderful The BFG Trailer

The BFG will be in UK cinemas from 22nd July ,Starring Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill, Bill Hader, Rebecca Hall, Jermaine Clement, Rafe Spall,Penelope Wilton and directed by Steven Spielberg.