They Where Made For Each Other, Watch Sausage Party Trailer!

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Sausage Party

Like two peas in a pod, ying and yang, Sausage and bun  they where all made to be  together. Monty Python had Brian in Sausage Party first UK trailer your food search for the meaning of life, and aisle 4!

We’ve seen the exhibits come alive in Night of the museum, the toys in Toy Story, thanks Seth Rogen and co are alive and well in your local supermarket.

Sausage Party, the first R-rated CG animated movie, is about one sausage leading a group of supermarket products on a quest to discover the truth about their existence and what really happens when they become chosen to leave the grocery store.

After about 5 years of trying to bring the idea to fruition this summer that hotdog or popcorn. It’s a ridiculous premise but when you have Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg who have brought many stoner type comedies, or ones for the grown ups good chance of some success. Expect plenty of ‘Dick’ jokes but the real challenge is can they keep the momentum going? It’s certainly ambitious, teaser does show the film is potentially funny too. After a recent work in progress preview at SXSW couple of days ago things sound very positive for the film with people describing it as “crude and fun”. It’s been a longtime since Fritz The Cat which now when you look at it is very tame in comparison, so be prepared for wiener and other food jokes that remind us sex organs! Remember this is NSFW promo only so keep away from kids, grannys and work managers, if not running for your f*****’ lives!

Sausage Party request your buns will be on your seats of your local cinema in UK from 12th August. Starring the vocal talents of a who’s who of today’s comedy stars Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd, Nick Kroll, David Krumholtz, Edward Norton, and Salma Hayek.